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Meditation for Kids: A beginner’s guide

Every problem has a solution. The solution is MEDITATION.

We all are dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, sadness and a lot more. We don’t have time to understand self. We are so much busy in minting money that we forget our self in this running world. Somewhere all of us are suffering from depression and anxiety. We are ruining our self. We want that someone should understand us but why do we hope that someone should understand us? Why? We are there for self. Why should we depend on anyone else? We can conquer this. We can deal with this. What we need to do is just to understand ourselves. Every problem has a solution. The solution is MEDITATION.
Meditation, for everyone its typical to understand. But one, who understands conquers the world. Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. It’s an art of silencing the mind. Meditation should not be torture. It must be fun! You just need five to ten minutes daily for yourself. It’s the highest form of prayer. When you don’t want to say anything, not with your mouth or your mind, surrender yourself completely. Don’t ask God for anything, he knows everything. That’s meditation. Just remember, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. You can do meditation. It’s just a beginning.
• It’ easy to do. It’s a way to find how to let go overthinking of past and future. We are entrapped in this overthinking. It’s like a game and plays this game with fun. It’s a way to set focus on the goal, not on attachment. Being attached to someone gives pain, hurt us.
• We think that our happiness depends on materialistic things. Like if we will achieve this, we will be happy. Then what after achieving that, our choice changes and again we get into the race to achieve that.
• For meditation, you should have earplugs. You can also use earphones. But it’s better to use earplugs. Just sit straight. Sit in the comfortable posture. Otherwise, it will distract you.
• Start countdown in your mind while taking a deep breath. Take a deep breath and count it. Till zero count, your mind will become stable. Try to focus on the sound coming.
• There are two types of voices: 1. External voice 2. Inner voice which you will hear while meditating. You will hear a low sound (murmuring of insects). Try to listen to it from the right ear. This sound will catch your focus automatically.
• Slowly you will listen to the voice of your breath. This will bring your focus to the centre. Now if you will try to distract your focus, you couldn’t. it will automatically come to the centre point.
This would take 10-20 days or a month. It will have fun. You will finally listen to a light sound. You will understand that there is nothing in this world. You will live for your family, for yourself. Detaching from someone won’t affect you. You will live for self. Your mind will be stable.
Everything has its pros and cons. Meditation is a way to know beyond our self. To know beyond the limits, to know self. You would reach a stage where you would know everything. You will have full knowledge of self or spirituality. So just let go of

meditation. Don’t be greedy to know more about it. You will reach a stage where no matter what happens you won’t be able to think of yourself. You will think about the world, about giving even if you are not getting anything in return.
Note: you can also take help from online tutoring sites. They would show you how to do it practically. It is available on online teaching sites.

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