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How to memorize the math formulas?

math tutor online, Free Online Math tutor, Homework On Web

math tutor online, Free Online Math tutor, Homework On Web

One of the biggest problem of all students that how to memorize math’s formulae. Students, it’s not tough to memorize them.  The biggest problem with students is that they don’t analyze the problem. We just think that its tough rather than finding its solution. But here I have brought some tricks through which you could easily remind the formulas.

  1. Change your mindset: “The game of life is not like football. You have to tackle your problems, your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity”. Yes, It’s true. We don’t analyse the problem, we just try to run away from it. Same with the students, when they see big formulae in math. They try to run, to get rid of it as soon as possible. First of all, consider all the big formulae as small and just say to yourself, “Oh! That’s so easy. I can learn them easily. I can do it”. Build confidence in yourself.
  2. Make a list: When you’re confident, you can conquer all the problems even if it is to learn math formulae. In language learning, we usually jot down the new vocabulary we came across. The same technique you have to apply here. Create a list of all the formulae. You would come across of formulae you have never seen before. It would seem like alien and can be confusing. But don’t panic, be calm and jot down all of them.
  3. Avoid cramming: It’s the tendency of students to cram all the things. You won’t remember them if follow this technique and this also creates a lot of confusion. So try to understand the concept behind every formula. This would make it more interesting. When you will be curious to find out why this formula came into existence? , what is the logic behind this? its application and many more. Make connections between all the formulae.
  4. Practice: Practice makes the man perfect”. Oh! Yes, it’s true and we are listening to it since our childhood. It’s most important to do practice otherwise you won’t succeed. After understanding the formulae, now it’s the time to make the most of it. The more you practice using the formulae, the more likely you will understand them more. Remember if you don’t practice, you are probably making the task of memorizing formula more difficult for yourself.
  5. Take care of your health: The most important is to take care of your health because if you will feel weakness then you won’t be able to study. So take care of your health first. Take nutritious diet, have a sound sleep which will make you more focused.
  6. Remove distractions: If you want to be focused and successful then remove all the distractions from your life. This would only divert you from your goal. Be focused, be calm and focus on your goal. Memorizing things require a lot of concentration so try to avoid surfing the internet, listening to friends or texting them while studying. Avoid these kinds of stuff.

If you still find any sort of problem then you can find a math tutor online. We would help you to find a tutor. Feel free to contact us. But remember to be focused and confident.

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